News: January 2012


Patent awarded in China

Dialog Devices on 25th January 2012 have been granted patent no. CN101404929 for a peripheral arterial patency monitoring system and method.


Hospitalisation rates and costs associated with atherothrombotic disease in France and Germany are high, especially so for patients with PAD

A recent paper has been published explaining the economic burden of atherothrombosis in patients with multiple risk factors, including under evaluated patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The findings show that the two year hospitalisation costs were highest for those with PAD.

At Dialog Devices we have created an innovative and non-invasive medical device called Padd® for rapid and simple assessment of PAD using low power near infra-red light to assess blood volume changes in the foot, before and after raising the leg. As it is so simple to use, Padd® can be used in a primary care setting making testing convenient for the patient.