Product Overview


VEWS® is a non-invasive medical device for rapid and simple assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease using low power near infra-red light to assess blood volume changes in the foot, before and after raising the leg. Optical sensors are applied to the foot and 45 second readings are taken before and after raising the leg on a 30cm (12") calf support.



VEWS® test takes 10 minutes to perform a bilateral test, versus 20+ minutes for competing technologies


VEWS® requires neither pressure cuffs nor the location of specific arteries, and results are accurate on calcified arteries (common in people with diabetes and obesity)

Low cost

VEWS® is automated, so there is no need for a skilled operator or specialist facilities, reducing the costs of assessment


Because it is so simple to use, VEWS® can be used in a primary care setting making testing convenient for the patient

Key Applications

  • In Primary Care (General Practitioners' and Physicians' offices) for early stage and pre-symptomatic assessment of Peripheral Arterial Disease (read more about PAD)
  • Routine assessment of diabetic complications: 40% of hospital admissions for diabetics are related to disorders of the feet
  • Reducing risk of heart disease and stroke with early therapy: lifestyle modifications, better diet, drug therapy and invasive or minimally invasive surgical interventions